Doula Package



• 2 prenatal visits to discuss your desires for birth, exercises, positions and techniques to make for a more comfortable pregnancy and prepare your body for labor

• Assistance in writing your birth plan (if needed) and discussing your choices in your upcoming labor and delivery

• Access to my library of books  (pregnancy, labor, delivery, breastfeeding, infant care, etc.)

• Phone, Text and Email support and information available throughout your pregnancy


Labor and Delivery

• 24 hour "on-call" support from 38 weeks on until your baby is born

• Labor and birth support at your birthing location

  • Includes my knowledge of comfort measures, help in understanding medications and interventions that may be offered to you, emotional support and encouragement, help communicating with your care provider(s), laboring and pushing positions, relaxation techniques, massage, and my 100% effort to help you achieve an incredible birth experience. 



• Immediate postpartum support and help establishing breastfeeding for approximately 2-3 hours after the birth

• Continued phone, text, and email support in the first few months postpartum

• 1-2 postpartum visits to discuss your birth experience and talk about your life with a newborn

• Breastfeeding, baby wearing and new parent support


  • Please contact me to inquire about pricing and availability.
  • Doula clients who take the Bradley Method® class with me will have the opportunity to receive a discounted doula package of 20%  *Students still must pay the $375 class fee.
  • Doula clients using my services for the 2nd or subsequent pregnancy receive at 20% discount.
  • Doula clients who take another form of comprehensive childbirth education are eligible to receive a 5% discount. This includes hospital based courses or other reputable childbirth education courses. *Excludes breastfeeding, infant CPR and other stand-alone courses.
  • I do accept flexible payment plans (as long as full payment is made before 38 weeks).
  • There may be a small fee to help cover travel expenses that are greater than 30 miles.
  • For a breakdown and explanation of a doula's fees and why it is worth the investment, click here.

I'm interested. What's my first step?

I offer a free consultation and interview for you and I to see if we are a good match. You can meet me, ask questions, get a feel for my experience and personality and see if I am the person you trust to be with you on such an important, amazing day!  We can also discuss timing of your estimated due date and my availability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a doula take the place of my husband/partner/coach?

Definitely not. Many coaches and birthing mothers want and need the support of a trained labor doula because emotions run high when it is "go time." A doula can help remind you of your education, help you advocate for yourself, and provide you with more tips, techniques and information than you might be able to remember when you are in labor.  A doula can also be an extra set of hands to help out as needed with massages, getting things for the mother or the coach and being a wonderful source of knowledge, encouragement and support for the laboring mother and her coach. Here are 7 Ways Doulas Benefit Dads and Partners.

Do you use a back up doula?

I do my very best to be present with you once labor is active until baby is born. If there is concern that I won't be able to make it (ex. if I am with another laboring mother, if your baby arrives before the contracted "on-call" period and I am unavailable, etc.) I can make arrangements for a back up doula. I have a list of like-minded doulas who are happy to meet with you ahead of time if you would like.

Do you have any limitations for where or who you work with?

I am trained and able to attend hospital births, birth center births, and home births. Births can be attended by an obstetrician or midwife, but I do not contract with people choosing an "unassisted" or "free" birth. I am open to taking on clients delivering in the Houston area and the cities south of Houston.

Are you a trained and certified doula?

I am a certified birth doula. I attended A Sacred Journey Doula Training in July of 2014 and The Bradley Method® in November of 2014. As of December 2019 I have attended 39 births as a doula. You can read some testimonials here.

Is there evidence to support the concept of a doula?

Absolutely! Research has excellent results to prove a doula’s worth. With a doula in attendance, there is a 25% decrease in cesarean rates and a 31% decrease in the chances of a mother having dissatisfaction in her birth experience. The chances of requesting epidural anesthesia go down and the chances of a spontaneous vaginal birth go up. Here is an excellent article that breaks down the evidence on doulas.

How are doulas different from midwives, doctors and nurses?

As a doula, I carry no medical training or responsibility. I don't deliver babies or check your blood pressure. I do not provide prenatal care, medical advice or exams of any kind. I will always refer you to check with your provider, but I do have the knowledge and ability to explain common procedures, medications and interventions during pregnancy and labor.