Childbirth Education Testimonials

Stephanie T.

My husband and I had the pleasure of taking Bradley Method Classes with Jodi. Wanting to avoid unnecessary procedures during birth we wanted to be well-informed and prepared. During a busy time preparing for the arrival of our first baby, taking these classes with Jodi were incredibly valuable. Instead of taking in a great deal of information in a standard "class setting" Jodi always made these classes fun, interactive, and full of conversation and discussion. She established a class setting that made us look forward to class every week and helped all the new budding families attending form a community of friendship and support that lasted long after the class ended. Thanks to the clasees, we were informed, ready, and well prepared for the big day, where we used much of the guidance and techniques learned with Jodi. We did not get the pleasure of working with Jodi as our doula only because we traveled and had our baby boy in El Paso, Texas near the time of Hurricane Harvey but she still went the extra mile and helped like a "long distance Doula" making herself available to all our questions when we started labor. We welcomed a healthy baby boy naturally and with no interventions, in large part thanks to the training received from Jodi. 

Robbie H.

My wife and I signed up for this Bradley Method class with the hopes of becoming more educated on childbirth. I can say with absolute certainty that this class changed our lives. Jodi taught us so much about not only how to prepare for the stages of labor, but how best for me to assist during the grueling 56 hours that preceded our miracle being born. I would highly recommend this class to anyone interested in natural child birth, and Jodi was the perfect fit for us.

Sammi L.

My husband and I attended Jodi's Bradley classes with our second baby, and I am so glad we did! Even though I had gone through labor and delivery before I learned SO much I did not know! Jodi is such an amazing teacher, very thorough and knowledgeable. Worth every penny!!

Tiffani A.

Jodi is an awesome Bradley method teacher ! When my husband and I were looking for a natural method birthing class we got lots of negative vibes from instructors when they learned we were having a hospital birth. Jodi was so very supportive throughout the entire process. She helped equip us with the tools we needed to make our natural hospital birth possible.

Melanie B.

We did not utilize Jodi as a doula, but it's not for lack of asking- her due date was too close to mine! We did, however, take Jodi's Bradley Method class. You cannot go wrong spending your weeks in Jodi's Bradley Method sessions with your husband/partner/coach, other couples, and Jodi. We were trying to avoid a cesarean with our second baby after an unplanned c-section with our first. We had attempted natural childbirth before, so we thought we knew what we were doing... Taking Jodi's class made us realize how uninformed we were, and filled in SO many gaps. It was an incredible bonding experience for my husband and I as we worked through the information and techniques together, reflected on our first childbirth experience, and welcomed our second bundle into the world. Jodi's sweet spirit and gracious sense of humor helps class go by quickly and keep students from being overwhlemed with the information. She stays connected to her classes through text and email, always ready to answer questions. We experienced a lot on delivery day, but one thing we did not have was fear. Jodi's Bradley Method class left us confident, informed, and ready to welcome our baby in the world naturally. We will forever be glad and grateful for Jodi's role in our birth experience.

Gary N.

We took these classes from Jodi when my wife was pregnant and I can't tell you about how much it changed our lives. This is knowledge and outcome-based birth designed around a husband's coaching. My wife's labor was really difficult and these classes helped keep us composed and making the right decisions when things were getting REALLY real. So thankful for Jodi and The Bradley Method. If you are pregnant please consider this. If you plan on it, keep this in your back pocket.

Rina T.

I knew the day my child was growing in my womb, the Bradley Method was the way I wanted to go. Jodi was recommended to me by a friend and I couldn’t have been more pleased with the decision that I made to take her class. She was very thorough with every aspect of the learning process. Made us both feel comfortable with everything that we learned; literally down to the detail. And was willing to answer any questions we ever had. When the day came to bring  our little girl into this world I was so completely comfortable being in a hospital environment along with my Doula.  If it hadn’t been for the classes or Jodi my level of anxiety would of been sky high! I truly recommend Blessed Assurance!

Chelsea M.

We are so thankful that we decided to take to Jodi’s Bradley class. It was a game-changer for us! I knew a little about childbirth and my husband knew nothing. Through taking her class, we became informed and prepared for birth, breastfeeding, and caring for a newborn. After a very fast labor during our planned home birth, our little boy was delivered right into his daddy’s hands (with our midwife still on the way)! The only way we could have had as peaceful an experience in that situation is because we took the time to learn as much as we could and felt ready. Jodi’s class is great! You WILL NOT regret taking it, no matter how you end up giving birth. Promise!

Ashlyn M.

My husband and I wanted to take classes on the Bradley Method. We are so glad that we did! Jodi made learning about pregnancy, our bodies, labor, delivery, postpartum, etc so intriguing! When it was time for our baby’s birth, we felt armed with SO much knowledge. Jodi goes above and beyond for her students...Answering texts, phone calls and emails. If you’re considering taking classes regarding childbirth, take this one! Highly recommend!

Heidi M.

My husband & I took our Bradley Method Birthing class with Jodi this past fall. Jodi is an ethusiastic teacher who clearly loves what she is doing!! We thoroughly enjoyed her class & felt more prepared for the birth of our baby.

Kate V.

My husband and I took Jodi's, Bradley Method, birthing series. My two birth experiences (we took the hospital birth class) prior to my most recent, Bradley birth, were both traumatic and medicated. I NEEDED a different reality this time! Jodi was so caring and compassionate, I immediately felt connected and safe with her. I was able to share all of my fears and desires with her, my husband, & my fellow classmates. Jodi created a comfortable learning environment and was able to answer all of our questions and ease our concerns. Given my two previous birth experiences, I didn't really think I could do it but, d-day came and, with the love and support of God, my amazingly strong husband, my intuitive doula, and the best Bradley instructor around, I brought my 11.6lb baby girl earthside, unmedicated and naturally! I would highly recommend Jodi as a birthing mentor, Doula, & friend! By choosing Jodi to support you in your parenting journey, you are choosing love!  

Doula Client Testimonials

Asmaa R.

My husband and I met Jodi at our Bradley Method class.  After getting to know her we decided she would be a great doula for us to have during the birth of our baby boy.  Jodi was always comforting and would always text me to see how I was doing and I could ask her any questions and concerns that I had and she would get back to me right away.  During the birth of my baby boy she helped me relax and stay calm, and was very supportive.  My husband could not handle  being in the delivery room so Jodi had to help through everything. I did experience complications during delivery and Jodi helped me stay calm and comfort me, she even was there to cut my baby's umbilical cord.  I don't know how I would have done if Jodi was not with me I would definitely want her as my doula again during my next pregancy and birth. 

Dana R.

I recently gave birth to my 3rd child and Jodi Rohr was my doula. I didn't have a doula with my first 2 births, and I must say my experience this delivery was extremely different. This birth was so much smoother and quicker! Jodi met with me several Weeks before my birth to discuss my goals for my labor and also discussed different positions for labor and ways to promote quicker delivery, which I definitely put into practice when I was laboring at home. She met me at the hospital in record time with a smile and calming presence. My labor consisted of a lot of back pain and Jodi was right by side massaging my back and encouraging me. She also helped me get into several different positions to help with back pain. Her calming voice and encouragement got me through the toughest parts of labor. My husband was very skeptical about the service of a doula, but after seeing her in action he was so impressed and admitted that she helped make my delivery a smoother and more enjoyable experience. I am so glad Jodi was a part of my birth story this time. I just wish I would have had her with me for my first 2 deliveries. I would recommend Blessed Assurance Birth Care to anyone that wants to make their birthing experience better.

Scarlett S.

Jodi is an amazing doula! Both my husband and I couldn't be happier with our birth experience and are so grateful to have Jodi present at the birth of our daughter. She was very supportive during the pregnancy, labor, and postpartum times. Given that this was our first pregnancy we had very little knowledge of what to expect both physically and emotionally. Jodi helped us through the whole process. She was instrumental in helping us reach the goal of having a natural delivery without any pain medication. Jodi was very professional and nurturing throughout the labor and delivery. Jodi was quick to suggest laboring positions and make suggestions that were in my best interest. In addition to her active coaching, Jodi also provided massages to help relief pain during contractions. Jodi helped us achieve our ideal labor and delivery. Our daughter was born naturally as I wanted. Jodi was a great cheerleader in moments where I thought I couldn't continue. We could not have asked for a better doula experience and we will defiantly call her when baby #2 is on the way.

Amber H.

Jodi was present for the birth of my third baby.  She is definately an inspiring person who has a heart for women and truly wants for each mother to be able to experience childbirth in the most fulfilling way possible.  Her disposition is calming and she has an intuitive gift for supporting others.  That beautiful moment when a mother finally gets to feel the warmth of her newborn child for the first time is the focus of her passion. I wholeheartedly recommend for her to be your doula.

Alyssa P.

It was a privilege to have Jodi and Blessed Assurance Birth Care a part of such an important day and milestone!  My husband and I are grateful to have had such a wonderful experience and were blessed to have such a wonderful doula by our side.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

D'Lana C.

Having Jodi by our side was by far the best decision we made when it came to the birth of our son. Although because of medical complications my birth did not go as planned my husband and I were so grateful for Jodi and the work she put into our labor. Throughout labor she worked with me and my husband in such a way that although I could feel an extra set of hands massaging my back and I could hear other voices in the room... It was just me and him and for that I am so grateful. I will highly recommend Jodi to anyone I know that wants a birth experience that is enjoyable and catered to you and your husband.